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Register Free. Sagittarius, have a passive approach this week and see where life takes you. Let the energies passing through take you to situations where you can be a better version of yourself. There is nowhere to go but up, and this is also true in the case of your relationship.

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  5. You could encounter challenges this week, so keep in mind that they are meant to strengthen your bond. Communicate clearly with your partner and stick with your goals, Sagittarius.

    Sagittarius 12222 Love and Relationship Predictions for singles and couples

    Single Sagittarius, you are better off being on the fence when it comes to sharing your personal life with people you just meet. It would be wise to refrain from giving too many details about yourself early in the conversation. Protect your heart, the last thing you would want is to get hurt.

    When expanding your network, trust your intuition and be picky. Only a few can be trusted. Spend your energy wisely to bring out your creative side, Sagittarius. The fantabulous homecoming of Jupiter to your sign helps you land on your feet when it comes to love - even if things are looking less than ideal as you read this love horoscope.

    The swines! As per usual, all the times and dates come down to the shenanigans of that cosy pair of love planets we call Venus and Mars. What will she bring exactly? This is also a time when someone with the power to take your breath away might sweep you off your feet - and they might even be more talkative than you! This is likewise a time to get out and about and be sociable. Are you a single Sagittarius?

    Sagittarius Today

    In truth, many Sagittarians have felt out of their element in recent years, largely due to a Saturn transit to their sign followed by Jupiter in the background of their solar charts. The year was an improvement, but also found you a little reclusive. You have two heavyweight planets in your sector of money, income, and personal resources, insisting that you simplify, transform, and shape up these things.

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    It can be an essential time for developing and honing your talents, watching your money more closely, reducing or getting rid of redundancies, and treating yourself with more respect. The idea now is to take care of your resources so that they take care of you!

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    While Saturn is asking you to be responsible with your money, Uranus wants you to find a more authentic approach to your job, daily life, and routines. This can be tricky at times, but manageable.

    Sagittarius Mid September: You Manifested "THE ONE" Sagittarius ❤

    Irregular schedules and perhaps some disruptions and tensions are possible this year as you adjust to this influence. Your working hours may become non-traditional, or a job may be unconventional. Work that is limiting or lifeless drags you down more than usual. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation but also the chance to invent and create. You may also take an interest in alternative health methods. You would benefit greatly from yoga or other mind-body therapies now. Uncertainty about living arrangements or conditions can figure strongly in , too, and can sometimes throw you off your game.

    This is due to an ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square that holds some potential to waste your time or could lead to passing over opportunities, only if you let it. Watch for procrastination and escapism, especially, and for attaching yourself to impractical ventures.

    Sagittarius Daily / Today’s Love and Romance Horoscope for Singles

    Doing more sharing seems to compete with your desire to be self-sufficient. You get tremendous support this year for your efforts to take charge of your finances, develop your talents, and find new ways to make money from hidden or current resources, as well as for business development. Most of is about exploration and discovery as you test your boundaries, express yourself, and enjoy greater confidence.

    Saturn left your sign last year, not to return for another 28 years, and in , Jupiter is in Sagittarius, dear Sagittarius. This can feel much like a rebirth! This influence is strong all around, as it serves to increase your confidence and personal influence.

    sagittarius Horoscope

    People truly enjoy you during this cycle. You seem to be in your own terms at this time, and while this transit is more about rediscovering your independence and spark than it is about getting cozy with a partner, it does enhance your sense of self and this has positive reverberations for your love life. Ideally, last year you said goodbye to things that no longer contributed to your growth, and for some of you, this may have included a relationship. Alternatively, this has been a time of major re-assessment of goals.

    Adjustments were required to move forward with more confidence. People enjoy your company and are drawn to your positive energy. You feel more entitled to happiness and rewards, and this tends to bring positive opportunities into your life. Your confidence in yourself and faith in the world are growing exponentially. You are more willing to enjoy new experiences and to rid yourself of those things that have been holding you back from truly living and owning your life.