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Your kind and generous nature take you far in life. This will happen only if you can take the focus off yourself sometimes and do something good without receiving any benefit from it. You tend to forge ahead without waiting for anyone else, and when it works, it works well. Read more about planets in houses here.

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With Jupiter in the 1 st house, focus on using your better judgment to take the next step. This will help with your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Learn to develop a better sense of action through thought and planning, and your good luck will continue. Test Now! The one thing you always have on your side is your good-natured sense of humor and jovial manner.

Jupiter In First House: Personality Traits

So remain positive, and good vibes will come your way. Make sure to take a step back and review the situation before barreling ahead and making matters worse. You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to fixing a broken situation. Other people are just as capable as you are of doing the right thing, so let them.

Jupiter In 1st House Meaning And Significance |

People tend to favor a cheerful resolve over a more serious tone. The people with Jupiter in the 1st house have plenty of enthusiasm to take them far. A little organization and planning can work wonders without having to deal with any unintended consequences. I have Jupiter in the first in Aquarius a Capricorn ascendant Neptune in Capricorn in the 12fth house and Venus in the tenth….

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Jupiter Retrograde Meaning & More

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Planets And Houses. He does not get any difficulties related education and children.


But most of the benefice results are seen for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant. The person is always free from any difficulties of life. If Jupiter in first house of horoscope is in cancer lagna, which is exalted Jupiter with Mars and Venus, person will be loose character, included in despicable acts, drug addict and always in some difficulties.

When Jupiter is in first house in fiery signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the person will have most benefice results. Person will be blessed with children and wealth. And if Jupiter is in any of Saturn signs like Aquarius or Capricorn, the person will have only one benefit from children or wealth like if he has good children so he will not have much wealth and if he has much wealth so he would not have good children.

If Jupiter is in Libra or Gemini signs in first house of horoscope, the person will be fairy and beautiful.

He will be loos character and will have extra marital relationships. This situation is also with female.