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According to Kabbalah, the Moon represents humanity, which is considered the female side of creation. Just as the moon has no light of its own, but it returns the light of the Sun, so too we have no light of our own and the light that we have is achieved when we act in our reality by reflecting the light of the Creator.

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We do that by giving and sharing with others. The Sun symbolizes the light of the Creator, the masculine side of Creation, infinitely and unconditionally abundant, and above time and space. The Hebrew calendar is a spiritual calendar designed to serve as a daily guide to help us identify the laws of the universe so that we can control the processes that happen to us in our lives and achieve more efficiency in every field.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that cosmic cycles have a tremendous impact on our lives, and that every day the universe has different com bina tions of forces that influence the feelings, thoughts and actions of each of us and that each hour has a different meaning. The Holy Ari says that every day is a new day, which has not existed since the Days of Creation, and will never exist again. Every day there are opportunities for discovery, repair, and creativity that are unique to that day and which will not return.

Kabbalah teaches that understanding the Hebrew calendar will help us understand how, according to the spiritual frequency that dominates the universe at certain times, it is possible to identify days or periods in which it is recommended to start new things — such as marriage, starting a business, buying a house, a new beginning and reconsideration of the decisions we made Counting the Omer and the Three Weeks, for example. In other words, understanding the calendar according to Kabbalah is not only a means of organizing time, but rather serves as an orientation guide that can help us overcome invisible obstacles and exploit spiritual energy available for success on the path to realizing our spiritual and physical goals.

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The understanding of the zodiac can add a great deal to understanding the meaning of the holidays that appear in the Hebrew calendar. The meaning of the Hebrew months is also based on astrology. Understanding the Hebrew calendar requires a deep knowledge of astrology despite the preconceptions that say that Judaism denies astrology. In the Talmud Tractate Shabbat there are many discussions about the wisdom of astrology, the two sources of which are among the most famous are as follows:.

This is the calculation of periods and zodiac signs. From here we learned that the Talmudic sages viewed the calculation of stars and the signs as a Mitsvah Precept. Many Halakhic Sages considered the study of astrology Jewish, of course as one of the Mitsvot Precepts until about a thousand years ago. Kabbalists teach us how to attract abundance and blessings and to gain more control over what happens to us during the month through the tools of awareness, intention, meditation and certain actions. These days require self-reflection and spiritual work rather than business breakthroughs.

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The Sefer Yetsirah Book of Formation, which is attributed to Abraham the Patriarch , teaches us that the Hebrew letters are used as tools for the transmission of spiritual abundance. Two Hebrew letters influence each month.

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  5. One letter controls the ruling planet of that month and the second letter controls the astrological sign of the month. Through meditation and intention you can use the letters of the month and draw positive forces for the whole month.

    It is recommended to use the meditation of the letters of the month every day of the month starting from the beginning of the month. In the interpretation of the Zohar HaSulam Ki Tetse, verse it is said that we should not begin on the second and fourth [days of the week]. The second day is the day on which separation and friction were created in the six days of creation.

    On the fourth day of the six days of Creation there was another separation the scarcity of the Moon and therefore on this day there is a defect that can damage new beginnings. The blessing stored on Shabbat affects all six days of the week.

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    Connecting to the blessing and the abundance of Shabbat will provide us with tremendous power to remove the chaos from the root of the following week, and to improve our achievements in it significantly. Olam Asiyah The World of Action — the consciousness of reality rises to the higher worlds and the power of Shabbat begins to enter the universe. Shabbat enables us to ascend to levels of consciousness and light that are especially high and to receive tools to control the physical reality for the rest of the week.

    The holidays on the Hebrew calendar are, according to Kabbalah, a unique time in which we can call on the sources of abundance in the upper worlds.

    Every holiday is unique. For example, on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we are given the opportunity to connect and influence our lives in the fields of abundance, life energy, livelihood and children. The successful navigation of any of these paths requires the harmonious blending of the forces represented by the two spheres it unites.

    Twelve of these paths correspond to the 12 signs the remaining 10 represent the heavenly bodies that travel through the signs. Remember, you can use these techniques to not only understand yourself but also any other process you wish to understand better. Each aspect of creation, whether it is a sentient being, a plant, a project, a country or a poem, has a moment of birth, a time when it was Created hence the Book of Creation. That moment in time can be traced on the Tree of life and is described by two distinct paths:.

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    This spiritual highway outlines the primary mission of your life, your chief metaphysical goal. It shows you where to direct your focus, where to push, and what to aim for. The Natal Path - Describes the characteristics, personality traits and tools most available to you in this lifetime. The Natal Path reflects the driving force vital to your ultimate success.