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Gilmore Girls is a show about a close knit town of fun, wacky characters, so a forum dedicated to it should be no different. Lauren Graham. Danny Strong. Sean Gunn. Tanc Sade.

I'm on my million-th re-watch of the original series and just had this thought. They never once say that Rory is turning 16 in "Rory's Birthday Parties" which I would think would be a significant birthday. However, she drove herself to school a few episodes earlier in "Deer Hunters" after she and Lorelai woke up late and had to rush to school for her test. Are Connecticut driving rules more lax or does Lorelai not care because she and Rory are royalty in the town and rules don't apply to them?

Or more likely - continuity error by ASP?


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In NY you could drive to work or school with a permit and some driving hours was called a junior license. Maybe CT had something similar.

But as he reminds her, he hates change. Cheers, Sheldon! Sheldon has very specific birthday-cake wishes, too. Chocolate cake, strawberry frosting, three layers.

Sheldon was. And that she hopes later she might get to see him in his birthday suit. Penny hugs Sheldon. Already a subscriber?